Red rooftops

This post is dedicated to the red rooftops that you can find all around the Old Town of Tallinn.

The best views you’ll get from Patkuli and Kohtuotsa viewing platforms.

Patkuli viewing platform

I’ll never get tired of this view. I come here very often no matter the weather because this view looks every time different. We are very fortunate to have sea and harbor so close to the Old Town and city center. Cars are completely unnecessary in Tallinn, they only cause more traffic jams in the mornings and evenings.

Following photo was taken in the same location just under a different angle and in the autumn. It’s amazing how weather changes a town. A simple fog makes it mystical and slightly spooky. 🙂


This kind of weather doesn’t appeal to anyone, but you simply have to wear proper clothes in order to feel cozy and comfortable on these days, and also a positive or at least calm mind. 😉

Kohtuotsa viewing platform

Even moody cloudy days in Tallinn can be great. Why? Because the town is pretty much empty and belongs to you to take these awesome photos. If it gets too rainy and windy, you can always warm yourself up in a lovely cafe with a cup of coffee drink or tea.


Another proof how a foggy/snowy weather changes the look of a town.

By the way, this seagull has an account on Instagram: @vanalinnakajakas. I’m not sure it’s the one and only fearless seagull that chills all the time on this platform. I think these seagulls are always different but they are very comfortable around people because they know that people won’t harm them.

Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania to the Republic of Estonia

Red roof close up. Lithuania is quite lucky to have an embassy in Old Town’s one of the prettiest buildings.

Green market

Summer vibes.

Pikk Street

Red rooftop madness makes your head spin. 😀 Joking, it’s not but it might you leave breathless, you’ve been warned! 😉

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