Tallinn’s charm, part 2

Moving on with our tour around medieval Old Town of Tallinn.

There are two big main squares in the Old Town. First, and the most known is obviously the Town Hall Square (Raekoja plats in Estonian).

On this photo you can see some remains of the Christmas time. These small Christmas trees around the town tree were spread all round the town and were decorated with the lights. Now, they’ve been brought to the Town Hall Square to form a Sun labyrinth. It supposed to symbolize winter’s midpoint and light’s victory over the darkness…at least that what the journalists and mayor say. I must admit that I did notice that we get more daylight but I doubt that it has something to do with the Sun labyrinth. 😀

On the following photo you can see that we have many gingerbread like houses which makes Old Town even more charming and cute. 🙂

Post Christmas Town Hall Square

In the summer you can climb up the Town Hall Tower and take even more beautiful photos of the square. It’s a pity that they don’t let visitors in in the winter in order to take photos of the Christmas market. Photographers with drones are lucky to have a spectacular footage.

Also, there’s a medieval pub and they are mostly known for their delicious meaty pies and elk soup which aren’t expensive at all for a tourist attraction. https://www.kolmasdraakon.ee/index.php/en/
Unfortunately, I can’t give a review on their food as I don’t eat meat.

Entrance to the Town Hall Tower and III Dragon pub

At the Town Hall Square you can also find Europe’s oldest pharmacy that still works continuously in the same building. You don’t necessary have to buy anything from the pharmacy. You can simply step inside and take a look at the old medieval potions, medical tools and other products that they sold in the Hanseatic times. There’s also a chance to book a guide who will tell you about the pharmacy even more in depth.

…and next to the pharmacy you can find another “gingerbread” house. 😉

Town Hall square pharmacy (Raeapteek)

Stay tuned for the next upcoming picturesque posts. 🙂

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