Tallinn’s charm, part 1

Anybody who comes to Tallinn is usually aware of the fact that this town is famous for its medieval Old Town. It also happens to be in the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Here you can find many romantic towers with red rooftops like for instance one of the main entrances to the Old Town through the Viru Gate. In the background you can see Viru street which is the main road leading through the shops and restaurants to the Town Hall Square.

Viru Gate

While strolling through the Viru street you might get lost in one of the cutest courtyards and lose yourself there taking pictures from different angles.

CRU Hotel’s restaurant terrace

After you think that you’ve found the cutest hidden gem in the Old Town then I must disappoint or cheer you up because there’s even better place to see – St. Catherine’s Passage. This little street has a cozy medieval atmosphere thanks to its partial rooftops that from a row of archs. Also, you can find there tombstones on one side of the wall.

St. Catherine’s Passage

Another lovely courtyard with a charming cafe is Masters Courtyard which has uniquely odd design. 😀 Their design reminds me a bit of burlesque Parisian style I guess because of the frenchy cafe Chocolats de Pierre that you can find in that courtyard. By the way, this cafe serves the best hot chocolate in town…in my opinion.

Masters Courtyard
Wintery cafe terrace in the Masters Courtyard

I’m going to end the first part of introducing the Old Town on a sweet note with the sweetest street – Saiakang lane aka white bread passage. This small street has in total 3 cafes, one local design shop and a garlic restaurant where you can taste garlic ice cream. I’m a bit paranoid trying it, perhaps one day I’ll get myself together and give this delicacy a try. But for now I’ll stick to the delicious coffee beverages that Kehrwieder cafe is offering and munch on fresh sweet pastries from Saiakang cafe. 🙂

Saiakang lane

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