Tallinn through my eyes

In this blog I’d like to introduce to my future readers my hometown Tallinn that I can’t get enough of. There are many things that I love about this town starting with the Old Town, of course, which is the biggest tourist attraction and pretty much that’s what Estonia is known for. However, I’d like to tell and show you more that Tallinn isn’t just a Hansa town (The Hanseatic League is a unique phenomenon of German history. The co-operation and mergers of merchants for the promotion of their trade abroad gave rise to a town covenant, which in its heyday comprised of nearly 200 sea and inner cities).

Tallinn Old Town

Secondly, I like that Tallinn is a small town compared to Moscow, London and Paris. Its small size is beneficial for the people to be more physically active on foot. This is how I move in Tallinn most of the time – on foot, although, our public transport is free and upgraded with futuristic trams and buses.

Which is another remarkable growth by Estonian government. If we take under consideration that Estonia was part of the Soviet Union 28 years ago and after its dissolution it was able to get powered by vibrant telecoms and electronics industries.

When it comes to food and drinks I think Tallinn is doing pretty good. However, sometimes meals are too overpriced for a small amount of food. But generally food is good in any restaurant and cafe. I haven’t come across with a bad food while dining out…or maybe my taste buds are cheap and not evolved enough. I’ll see what you think of my food reviews. 😀 Otherwise our restaurants and cafes are most of the time very cozy and relaxing due to its calm atmosphere. Estonians always respect others’ privacy and therefore always keep it down when talking to their friends.

Medieval pub III Draakon
Medieval restaurant Olde Hansa without electricity

And here we come to a next pleasant factor about living in Estonia, particularly in Tallinn is its people. Estonians are known for their calm spirit. We are not a loud nation, we are not a “small talk” people as we find it weird and unnecessary. If you happen to be in a public transportation in Tallinn you’ll see that everybody is quiet and if someone is talking, they make sure that they aren’t being too loud. If you happen to be in bar during the weekend, I assure you that a slightly tipsy Estonian will be more than happy to talk to you.


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